After much consultation with the health professionals within our gym community I have come to the conclusion that we can safely restart the classes again. Our gym is essential to being healthy, and we have all suffered in some capacity by not being able to train and workout.  However now is not the time for us to relax any of the preventative measures such as temperature checks, cleaning, personal hygiene and masks. Also per our insurance provider we will be requesting anyone returning to the gym to sign an additional Covid and infectious disease waiver.

Boxing class will start back up Monday December 7 at 6pm. Please follow the temperature check and other hygiene protocols as before however masks will be required to train.  If the class is too large we will split it into groups.

Muay Thai class will resume on Tuesday at 6pm and in addition to masks being required we will also be training in tennis shoes or wrestling shoes. NO BARE-FEET.

BJJ will also resume and masks are required but in addition we are requiring all participants to use Defense Foam on their hands feet and neck.  The mat room is the only room in the gym where you can be barefoot.

It will take a concerted effort from all of us to continue to keep the gym Covid free and I appreciate everyone that has protected the gym and each other since the beginning of this virus.  Science has shown the the greatest protection from Covid is cleanliness and good health, and so with that in mind, a gym like ours is essential to all of our well being.  See you all next week