Muay Thai Nationals are upon us!

photo 3We are very excited to be heading to Des Moines tomorrow to compete in the largest gathering of the top Muay Thai talent in this country.  We will be taking a team of 13 athletes that have shown they have what it takes to represent our gym and themselves in this sport of Kings.  They have endured many tests, triumphs, failures, and hours of training to get to this point.  When I look at how hard they are willing to work, what pride they have in our gym and it’s tradition, the sacrifices they have made, my hope for the youth of this country is restored.  Every year at this time I am reminded that it takes the hard work and good will of so many people to get these fighters to this point and it really shows me what a special place this gym really is.  Thank you to all of our trainers ( Mick, Willie, Matt, Bryan, Micah, Coach Davis, Coach Rocky) and sponsors ( Big Brain productions, Lenny Renken, Quality Pork International, Kim Lubeck, Midwest Equipment, Doug Eggers, and Steve Bolinger.  You have all helped shape and change lives.   Go Team Doyle!


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