Tough night for the gym

Mike lost a decision. Nolan gets stopped in 1st. Boimah wins impressively and Daigle lost a dodgy decision to a veteran fighter. We wanted Daigle on his toes for this fight and he was, to the point of wearing all the skin off them


Only the best coaches here

Bjj under Fabio Santos black belt Scott Thompson in one room and boxing under former US army coaches Wilfred Davis and Coach Rockmore on the other side of the gym . It’s how we roll



Nationals update

Good year at the nationals. We had 5 make the finals and we are leaving with 2 championships and 3 runners up. I’m proud of my team!

Nationals day 2 update

Amy, Emeka, Trey, Xavier, Cross all advance to the finals tomorrow. We still have Kaka (mike) left to go today
Everyone else fought very hard and I’m proud of them all for going out on their shield