2015 Kick Workout is approaching

Our annual tradition here at Mick Doyle’s gym is fast approaching.  One of my former students revealed to me recently that this will be my 25th year of doing this so let’s make it huge.   This workout is free, and is open to everyone.  The goal is simple, start the new year off right doing something positive for the mind and body in an environment that is non judgemental and fun.  We will meet here at the gym on Saturday, January 3, 2015 at 10am and throw one kick for every year.  Please share and spread the word and let’s make this one the biggest ever!

Kearney fight results

A good night for Team Doyle. Nolan wins in the first round by ref stoppage and Emeka fought his heart out but lost a decision to the two time national wrestling champ

Jiu jitsu promotion for Becca Daigle

Huge congrats to Becca on receiving her green belt tonight. It is the highest rank a junior can achieve before getting their blue belt at 17 in Jiu jitsu under Fabio Santos BJJ. Here she is with our black belt Scott Thompson


Junior Jiu jitsu competitors

Congrats to Alyssa who got first in her division and 16 year old Becca Daigle who got first in a women’s division wins all by submission, and Julian Hernandez who placed third.
Across town, other juniors were winning and placing in a Taekwondo tournament. Well rounded martial artists is what we are about

Bryan wins in the first round

Bryan Corley wins by ko due to a guillotine choke. Yes you read that right. Bryan sunk a guillotine on his opponent and the guy tried to slam his way out of it and instead spiked his head into the mat while being choked
A great night for Team Doyle


Trey Smith wins his debut

Trey put on an absolute striking clinic in his first MMA fight tonight. When you wait 2 years to make your debut because your not legal age to fight, and you train every day most times twice a day, it should go exactly like it did. Clinical and composed!! The referee stopped the fight in round 2

Winner by tko Trey ” the golden boy” Smith